Hello Kitty


So we walked by the swim suits in the girls isle and my daughter was going nuts in all the pink frill and glitter goodness, “Oh golly look at all these!!!!”

She saw a Hello Kitty swimsuit and turned to her brother who loves Hello Kitty and says, “Looooook!!!”

He was really sad and asked why boys…

  • luke: *reading a truth question* it says "craziest thing you've ever done for love"
  • michael: *snorts*
  • calum: *snorts*
  • ashton: .... lawl
  • calum: what are you gonna say bro
  • michael: what are you gonna say
  • ashton: WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST THIN- tell us
  • luke: i dunknow
  • ashton: what have you done?
  • luke: what have i done?
  • ashton: um you
  • ashton: you
  • ashton: lets
  • ashton: you fought that bear
  • luke: yeah um
  • calum: i remember that
  • michael: that was pretty crazy
  • luke: i was in uh
  • luke: uh
  • luke: no it was actually a tiger shark
  • calum: oh
  • ashton: a tiger shark?
  • michael: oh yeah i remember the tiger shark
  • luke: i was in um great br-
  • ashton: the one that was trying to eat the family
  • luke: yea
  • ashton: but you were there and you came in
  • michael: but he saved me
  • ashton: and then
  • calum: you swam
  • calum: you swam from the other side with roses in the air
  • luke: yeah
  • michael: TO BRING THEM TO ME
  • luke: roses, swimming arm, shark under my arm also
  • ashton: but this was in brazil
  • calum: was it in brazil
  • ashton: it was in brazil
  • luke: no it was in the atlantic ocean
  • michael: it was somewhere scary i think
  • ashton: well there you have it folks
A psychiatrist once told me early in treatment, “Stop trying to make me like you,” and what a sobering and welcome smack in the face that statement was. Yet somehow, every day of my life is still a campaign for popularity, or better yet, a crowded funeral.

John Waters (via thingslidaloves)